Hello, and welcome to the Little Big Screen family!

If you’re reading this, first let me say a heartfelt thank you. I do this blog in my spare time and, while very time consuming, I love it dearly. But writing something nobody will ever read is the exact reason that I switched to blogging from diary entries (even though my blog and diary have nothing in common), so knowing that there are actual people out there who are interested in the same things that I am makes me overjoyed.

However, I realise that you’re not just reading this to hear a teenager blubber over how awesomely epic the internet as a whole is, so on with the show, eh? In case you don’t already know, I try at least once a week. These posts are on a mixture of various topics. Most of them will be talking about film related things, but from an angle that is rarely explored. While most people watch films and think “Ah, the acting is great!” or “This soundtrack is really suspenseful!” or, if you’re not a nerd, “I can really relate to that character.” I taught myself (with the help of others on occasion) to think “What techniques did they use to make the character so likeable to me as a person?” or “Are the cuts on the beat or on the offbeat with the music?” or even “Ah, they’re using dutch tilts. That means that if I was paying attention to the story instead of the technique, I would be feeling a tense atmosphere developing.”. While this entire outlook on films does make me a terrible person to watch films with and has also cut off films as a way of relaxing for me – I spend the whole time analysing instead of unwinding – it does mean that anybody who has even a slight interest in the inner workings of the film industry does have somebody to turn to for information, opinions or even helpful tips on what to avoid doing if making your own film!

That’s basically what this will be. However, I don’t watch only films. As evidenced by this blog’s name, I concentrate on things that take place on screen. That means adverts, short snippets from the world of YouTube (or Vimeo), and even just comments on the internet or video games.

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